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IAS ALS Ludhiana Faculty

Mr. Jojo Mathews

Mr. Jojo Mathew started his journey from a small village near Kochi in Kerala. A great multitasker, he believes that teaching is an art and it runs in his blood. You will find him teaching Indian Polity, Science & Technology, India's Foreign Policy, Contemporary National & International issues etc. Civil Service' Interview Training is another area of his expertise. Together with his other colleagues, in last 13 years, he has successfully mentored more than 1690 students to selection.

IAS ALS Ludhiana Faculty

Mr. Manish Gautam

Mr. Manish Kumar Gautam Completed his graduation in Mathematics from BHU & simultaneously was engaged in Civil Services' preparation. He Teaches Indian Polity, Geography, Science & Technology, and various contemporary National Issues including matters of Internal Security. Apart from this, Manish is also in-charge for conducting sessions in Public Administration.

IAS ALS Faculty

Mr. Sashank Atom

Mr. Sashank Atom completed his Physics Honors from Hindu College, University of Delhi in 1986 & PGDRM from IRMA, Gujarat in 1988. Before entering into Civil Services, he worked for a while as Executive (Operations) at the F&V project of the NDDB. Shashank qualified the Civil Services Exam in 1991 and joined DANICS. He Loves teaching & in pursuit of his dreams decided to impart his knowledge to the IAS aspirants.

IAS ALS Faculty

Mr. Manoj k. Singh

Mr. Manoj k. Singh graduated from LS College, Muzzaffarpur, Bihar & joined two institutions of national repute, the JNU and the Campus Law Center, University of Delhi one after the other - both of which he left in the middle to pursue his passion for music. In the early 90's, he decided to appear for Civil Service exam, which he failed but then he learnt to build a success story with the bricks of failure. Soon, he turned into an entrepreneur. He loves finding simple solutions to complex problems & is committed to creating an enabling environment and the space in which all his teachers and learners effortlessly realize their best.

IAS ALS Ludhiana Faculty

Mr. K. Krishna Reddy

Mr. K. Krishna Reddy graduated with Honors from Loyola College, Chennai & obtained his Post Graduation Degree in History from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi in 1982. With the intention of making the subject interesting & providing the students with systematically written study material, Krishna Reddy has authored several books on History. Presently, he is the Director of Hyderabad IAS Study Circle.


Mr. Arunesh Singh

Mr. Arunesh Singh completed his post-graduation in Economics from Allahabad University. Being a student of Economics since 1983, he was always keen in exploring the complex world of development & human well-being. He teaches his favorite subject, Economics. He has authored several books on Economics in English & Hindi Medium.

IAS Coaching Academy Ludhiana

IAS-ALS Coaching Academy Ludhiana

We are the best or we are the no. 1!! Everyone might be saying this but we will not say this. Ask our students, our rank holders in various competitive exams and they will say that this is the best institute for IAS Coaching in Ludhiana. This trust and credibility of the ALS-IAS Centre Ludhiana is not earned in a day or in months, this is the outcome of the unmatched efforts and innovative teaching techniques of our faculties since last 10 years.

It's rightly said that "It's never too late to start", so join our courses now and find the right direction to achieve your goal.

Civil services exams in India are considered as highly competitive due to the elaborate procedure which the candidate has to pass through before being finally selected. To cope up with lengthy syllabus an effective strategy is required during the preparation. ALS IAS Coaching Center is the only institute in India which aims at all round personality development thus making success a way of life. Visit us center now and make a first step towards bright future by ensuring your selection in IAS exams.

Our Offerings

The Course has been designed to explore the learning opportunity offered by the newly added paper on Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude in the Main Examination & CSAT in the Preliminary. Meticulously crafted modules on Essay Writing & Personality Development for the Interview has added extra value for the aspirants.

General Studies - 1

General Studies I


Optional Course 1 - Pub Ad

Public Administration

Optional I

Prelims Test Series Program

Prelims Test Series


General Studies 2 - Csat prelims

General Studies II

Prelims - CSAT

Optional Course - II Geography


Optional II

Main Test Series Program

Main Test Series


Essay Writing

Essay Writing


General Studies I Main

General Studies I


General Studies 2 Main csat

General Studies II

Main - CSAT

general Studies 3 Main

General Studies III


Optional Course III - Sociology


Optional III

General Studies 4 Main

General Studies IV


Seminar held at Ludhiana

  • ALS Seminar in Ludhiana
  • ALS Seminar in Ludhiana
  • ALS Seminar in Ludhiana

Personalized | Powerful | Proven

I just have one dream -- To see your Dreams come true. And here on, I invite you to dream big for yourself, for India & for the entire humanity. And trust me, you will find me in your Dreams

Shashank Atom
Chairman, ALS

Our Merit Students

ALS is the opening to a whole new world of learning experience & it's the window to the world of joy & freedom

  • 2014 Exam
  • 2013 Exam
  • 2012 Exam
  • 2011 Exam
  • Ira Singhal - AIR 1

  • Ajay Kumar Dwivedi - AIR 17

  • Neha - AIR 22

  • Manish Mishra - AIR 25

  • Divyanshu Jha - AIR 9

  • Shubham Chaudhary - AIR 11

  • Chinmayee Gopal - AIR 16

  • Saket Malviya - AIR 20

  • Arun Thamburaja - AIR 6

  • Chandni Singh - AIR 9

  • Tanu Priya - AIR 18

  • Ajit - AIR 26

  • Rukmani Riar - AIR 2

  • Namit Mehta - AIR 13

  • Mukesh Pandey - AIR 14

  • Vikram Jindal - AIR 21

Said About Us

  • testimonial

    1. I joined ALS in 2010 to get myself in the best hands. I think while attending classes at ALS, the friendship I forged helped me understand my competition, how others prepare for the same exam you're preparing and or the king of support one needs while in an unknown city.
    2. Secondly, ALS is so organized with teaching that we managed to complete almost the entire syllabus. the GS course was well-organized and categorized for easy completion, retention and recall.
    3. I believe I gained my foundation from this institute and that me later.

    - Jhony Tom Varghese -
    (AIR Rank 8 - IAS 2013)

  • testimonial

    1. I owe my success to the ALS team for guiding me throughout my journey. My dream is a reality today because of proficiency and expertise of the teachers at ALS and their immense faith in their students.
    2. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Jojo Mathew Sir, Manish Gautam Sir, Arunesh Sir, Arbind Sir and the entire faculty who helped me in realising my potentials.
    3. The Dedication and commitment of the teachers at ALS and their ability to make the classes so interesting is a superlative effort which is unmatched.
    4. I am deeply indebted to them for giving me knowledge which has helped me shape my dreams and in making me capable of achieving them.

    - Rukmani Riar -
    (AIR Rank 2 - IAS 2011)

  • Smita Sarangi Story

    I did General Studies from ALS right from the scratch i.e. from PT till Interview. Three things I would like to highlight about ALS, which attracted me immensely.
    1. The personal guidance I received from the institute especially from Jojo Mathew Sir.
    2. I found the Printed Course Material very precise, Meticulously designed & extremely useful.
    3. The Emphasis given on Time Management & Consistency in study helped me a lot.

    - Smita Sarangi -
    (AIR Rank 15 - IAS 2008)

  • testimonial

    1. Test Series for Prelims & Mains conducted by ALS helped me tremendously in materializing my Dreams.
    2. Under the expert guidance of Karthik Sir, I developed the Knack of effective answer writing, to which I attribute my success.
    3. I learnt to have a proper & systematic planning for the exam, which kept me on my toes. One unique feat about ALS is the constant monitoring & time bound completion of GS Paper.

    - Kinjal Singh -
    (AIR Rank 25 - IAS 2008)

  • testimonial

    I did my General Studies and Geography from ALS.
    1. I received a qualitative guidance, which was highly interactive and focused, with due personal attention. I believe that, in this respect, ALS truly justified its name.
    2. I am grateful for ever-approachable and helpful faculty, especially Jojo Sir. His strategy of handling each stage of the exam process was extremely useful.
    3. The exhaustive coverage of current issues, regular answer writing practice coupled with an excellent teaching methodology played a major role in my success.

    - Aishwarya Singh -
    (AIR Rank 27 - IAS 2008)

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